Beaubelle Radiance – Natural Polishing Refiner

Exfoliates, strengthens and regenerates.

This cream-based exfoliator enriched with energising ingredients such as volcanic sand, red algae and sea fennel extract purifies, hydrates and accelerates skin cell renewal. The skin is visibly smoother, softer and brighter with radiance.

3.38 fl oz = 100 ml

$69.00 (CAD)

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Beaubelle Radiance – Natural Polishing Refiner

  • Intense Exfoliation

Eliminates impurities, dead skin cells and pollutants from the skin.

  • Essential replenishment

Infused with sea fennel extract, the exfoliator hydrates and retains moisture for supple skin.

  • Accelerated regeneration

Stimulates stem cells to regenerate new skin cells for youthful-looking skin.

Beaubelle Radiance - Natural Polishing Refiner

Ideal for:

All skin types except sensitive skin.

Beaubelle Radiance – Natural Polishing Refiner

Key Ingredients:

  • Mother of Pearl Powder

Highly prized in Ancient China and Egypt, the mother of pearl powder promotes the regeneration of new skin cells and improves collagen production for supple youthful-looking skin. Its anti-aging properties reverse the effects of ageing by destroying free radicals.

  • Chrithmum Maritimum Extract

An extract from Crithmum Marititum, it diminishes the signs of ageing including wrinkles and fine lines. It improves cellular respiration, protects against inflammation and reinforces antioxidant protection.


Dampen your skin. Massage the cream into your face in upward circular motions. Rinse thoroughly. Carefully avoid your eyes. Use once or several times a week depending on skin type

You may visit the official Website of Beaubelle Canada.

Or visit original Beaubelle Switzerland website.



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