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Age Joyfully With Body, Mind And Soul Harmony.

Celebrating Beauty At Every Age

The era of "exclusive beauty" is fast giving way. It used to be that beauty means youth and products were formulated with the sole purpose of reversing the signs of aging. Not anymore. The world is now embracing a louder movement of "inclusive" beauty where beauty is not only accepted but celebrated and inclusive of every age. No more youth is beautiful and older is a lost cause. Rather, beauty transcends years and is now seen as a timeless element. Let Beaubelle inspire your true beauty to emerge and shine with formulas that are meticulously developed to bring out your beauty and wellness. We cheer your determination to thoroughly embrace age with empowerment, joy and grace. Live your best today and everyday!

Facial Treatment

Rosita, Founder and Director

Rosita has brought her 14 years of experience with Beaubelle brand and its high quality products to Vancouver Canada in 2023. She is a certified Aesthetician by having CIDESCO and CIBTAC certification from Switzerland and UK respectively. Being knowledgeable in different aspects of beauty industry, she is an expert in skincare, skincare products and Facial Treatment.

Founder of Beaubelle Canada

Beaubelle is a Swiss skin care brand. Beaubelle Advanced Dermocosmetic Research Centre @ FCC SA Switzerland researches, develops and produces its skin care products in Switzerland. We are passionate in driving the “age joyfully” concept to the people and to understand the philosophy of this concept in order to have more quality life as one ages. Cold climate of Canada in general causes dry skin. Beaubelle products help in keeping the skin hydrated based on its special formulation. During hot season (Sunny condition), calming products can helps in fighting harmful effects of sunlights. Beaubelle wants to be present here to share and to educate the people on how to age joyfully and to play a key role in helping them with better skin and body care products. Everyone ages, that’s a fact. But no one should suffer from any discomfort from skin and body ageing as Beaubelle’s research and development of products have taken great studies into providing them with comforting, nurturing and nourishing solutions to put their body, mind and soul in harmony to age joyfully. We help our clients to be able to manage their ageing skin with the right beauty and health perspectives. Our facial procedures and techniques are to be carried out from our salon, and to be prescribed the right skin care regime to be used at home. We ensure you that the best formulations with authentic active ingredients of optimum efficacy will only go into the product offerings in the market, for your peace of mind.

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