Beaubelle Future Oxygen – Foaming Aqueous Skin Concentrate

Energises, repairs and rejuvenates.

A revolutionary concentrate, Future Oxygen unlocks the ultimate secret to skin regeneration by enhancing the oxygen intake to help revitalise skins texture. Lines, wrinkles and other signs of time are noticeably diminished as the complexion emerges vibrant, rejuvenated and glowing with vitality.

1.69 fl oz = 50 ml

$145 (CAD)

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Beaubelle Future Oxygen – Foaming Aqueous Skin Concentrate


  • Phenomenal energy

Intensifies the metabolic activity of the cell for a rejuvenated look.

  • Instant replenishment

Delivers a surge of instant hydration that lasts up to 72 hours.

  • Accelerated regeneration

Regenerates new skin cells to repair and diminish signs of ageing.

Beaubelle Future Oxygen – Foaming Aqueous Skin Concentrate is ideal for:

All skin types, especially lackluster and fatigued skin.

Key ingredients:

  • Phylderm Vegetal C

Obtained by the gentle hydrolysis of soy proteins, it delivers the requisite proteins for the cell to intensify its metabolic activities and increase the absorption of oxygen into the skin. With the increase in oxygen, the skin is able to repair itself three times faster and effortlessly erase the signs of time.

  • Hydractin

A combination of ATP, Algin and papaya extract that work synergistically to deliver moisture and energy to the skin. The ATP (the main energy source for cellular functions) maintains the osmotic equilibrium and stimulates cell metabolism, while algin helps retain water and protects against evaporation. The papaya extract removes dead skin cells and regenerates new cells for healthy skin.

  • Pentavitin

This natural and plant-derived liquid delivers a surge of intense and long-lasting hydration to the skin. It instantly hydrates deep into the dermal layers and lasts for 72 hours. Flakiness and itchiness from dry skin are reduced and the skin is visibly healthier and smoother.

  • Disodium Adenosine Triphosphate

A botanical lifting complex of plant extracts, it swiftly and visibly tightens the skin and smoothens wrinkles for a younger and more lifted complexion.


Apply a generous amount to the face and neck morning and night. Using middle and index finger, gently tap over the face with upward strokes. Massage around the eye contour with ring finger using light tapping movements. Follow with concentrate and moisturiser.

For an intensive treatment, apply a generous amount onto the face and leave on as a mask. As the product is being absorbed, massage the treatment into the skin. Follow with moisturiser. Repeat this for 7 days

You may visit the official Website of Beaubelle Canada.

Or visit original Beaubelle Switzerland website.



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