Beaubelle Skin Luxe Rose Rutin Peptide Brightening Facial Treatment

Watch the brief video showing some steps of this Facial Treatment.

Facial treatment [120 minutes].

Targeted treatment for Pigmentation, Dullness, Uneven Skin Tone and Freckles.

Excellent for those who are suffering from pigmentation or dull looking skin complexion.

Only at Beaubelle Canada in Downtown Vancouver.


$200.00 (CAD)


Below are minimum 16 technical steps (some steps shown in the video) of this two hour’s Beaubelle Advanced Facial Treatment but not limited to (depends on skin type and condition). At least 5 Machine are being used in this pampering yet effective Treatment. It is a combination of Facial Machine technology and traditional/technical relaxing massages for the best effect by using Beaubelle products in all the steps (except Sun Protection) :

  1. Double Cleansing : To remove any make up from face skin
  2. Skin Analysis :  Important step especially for new clients
  3. Enzyme Peeling Mask
  4. Exfoliation
  5. Scrubber / Dermabrasion : Machine no. 1
  6. Oxygen Infusion : Machine no. 2
  7. Mesolift with serum : Machine no. 3
  8. Face Massage : by using Rose cream
  9. RF (Radio Frequency) : Machine no. 4
  10. Mask Application : by using Rose Mask
  11. Shoulder Massage : While the Mask is on and does its work on face
  12. Head Massage : While the Mask is on and does its work on face
  13. Cold Hammer with Serum : Machine no. 5
  14. Apply Serum
  15. Apply Moisturizer
  16. Apply Sun Protection



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