Beaubelle Dermazulen Soothing Lotion

Hydrates, heals and restores.

A hydrating toner to hydrate and soothe after cleansing. A blend of potent ingredients including Lavender oil and German Chamomile, it restores and revives the skin after cleansing for a glowing and relaxed appearance.

6.76 fl oz = 200 ml

$47.00 (CAD)

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Beaubelle Dermazulen Soothing Lotion


  • Crucial optimisation

Deftly restores the skin’s natural pH balance in an instant.

  • Balanced hydration

Effectively delivers crucial hydration to the skin’s surface and deeper within.

  • Relieves and heals

Comforts and mitigates inflammation to return the skin’s vitality.

Beaubelle Dermazulen Soothing Lotion

Ideal for:

Sensitive, dry, dehydrated or mature skin

Key ingredients:

  • Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract

The extract of the chamomile flower acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Irritated and inflamed skin tissues are instantly soothed and relieved. Redness around the nose and upper lip area is diminished.

  • Origanum Vulgare Extract

A plant in the mint family that is native to the mountain regions of Greece and other Mediterranean countries. Possessing 42 times more antioxidant properties than apples, it acts as a protective scavenger against free radicals that cause ageing.


Spray generously onto a cotton pad and pat gently all over your face.

To relieve swollen eyelids, spray generously onto cotton pads and place over the eyes.


You may visit the official Website of Beaubelle Canada.

Or visit original Beaubelle Switzerland website.


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